Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Our 25 Years of Cable TV is over - We saved more than $100 a month. We are Cord Cutters!

25 Years of Cable is enough – We cut the cord.

My wife & I decided that we had finally had enough of the nearly $200 cable & internet charge every month. We were paying for hundreds of channels we never watched, many in languages we didn’t speak.  The channels we did watch were now available in a much cheaper online format and free over-the-air TV was downright beautiful too.
I called the cable folks to slash the bill. They were expecting my call and had someone whose sole job was to talk me out of it. Funny! We won’t name the cable TV service but will use the letters TWC instead.

ME: I want to discontinue my cable TV service.
TWC: Why?
ME: We just don’t watch it enough and think it is too expensive.
TWC: Can we offer you a better deal? How about $150 a month for a little while?
ME: If you had a better deal, why didn’t you offer it to me all along – We have been with you for over 25 years!
TWC: The good deals are only for new customers.
ME: It’s not so bad, I still want the internet part. How much will that be?
TWC: $80 a month.
ME: That is WAY too much – You advertise internet for $39!
TWC: That’s for new customers.
ME: Good grief.

As you can see, I was getting nowhere. I finally got them to switch it off – They switched EVERYTHING OFF even though I asked to leave the internet. They connected me to another lady who worked out what a terrible job the original guy had done, switched the internet back on (and my emails which they had also terminated) and offered me internet for about $40 which seemed better. When I asked why, I was told "Well you are a NEW customer now...." LOL

I raced to the cable store and dumped all their out-of-date hardware (their new equipment is for new customers) and left smiling with my receipt!

So now we have 50MB internet $40,  $20 of Sling TV  for CNN & ESPN, Netflix $8.99 and Amazon TV (which comes with our PRIME account anyway) and about 70 channels of FREE HD over-the-air TV.
Cable TV WILL change, they will have to. It won’t take the American public long to work this out. Once we have saved about 4 months of cable, I will buy a ChannelMaster DVR that records OTA and streams. The TV guide channels are now FREE if you get the right box.
Do it – Cut your cord! Be a “New” customer again! We are loving our new setup and feel much better about it.


"For the Person who has everything...and loses it" SM

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